Chronic Pain — 12 March 2013

2006-OpanaBottlesFullGroupBy Pat Anson, Editor

The National Association of Attorneys General has sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking the agency to require generic drug makers to make tamper-resistant versions of opioid painkillers.

The letter, signed by attorney generals from 48 states and territories, says there is “great concern” among law enforcement and public health officials that new generic painkillers that are not tamper-resistant will be abused.

“The abuse of prescription drugs is a significant danger and has reached epidemic levels in many of our states,” the attorney generals wrote to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

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  1. We must put tamper resistant formulas in to place to discourage drug abuse. I can remember when OxyContin first came out it was just too easy to abuse it
    and this was the start of the overdose victims that can no longer abuse OxyContin. Now that the patent has expired on Opana ER why would the generic form come out
    knowing it easy to abuse, didn’t we learn anything the first time OxyContin was abused. I would assume these generic companies just don’t know how to make
    a tamper resistant formula that’s why their going with the regular version of time released oxycodone. This needs to be stopped before abuse starts plain and simple.