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Animal Airways helps pet owners relocate internationally

Animal Airways helps pet owners relocate internationally.

With more and more professionals relocating overseas to follow their careers, there is a growing need for knowledgeable professionals to help move the family pets as well.

Many moving pet owners have already discovered Animal Airways for the best way to to ship the whole family abroad, complete with their furry family members. So it was just a matter of time before Animal Airways opened a specialist department for corporate relocation affairs.

Dr Eytan Kreiner, head of the veterinarian flight division at Animal Airways explained, “Animal Airways was established to improve pets’ quality of life by offering advanced comprehensive solutions to pet shipment by air at a global level. We provide our clients with custom made services which meets their needs when traveling to or from every international airport worldwide. We provide professional assistance and supervision 24-7 and that is the reason way so many relocation and HR managers choose to request our pet-flight services.”

The new team will assist HR and relocation managers in shipping employees with families and pets to/from every country in the world, including places which have challenging standards to import pets (such as the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa, which have strict quarantine regulations).

The pet flight consultants at Animal Airways are aware of all the limitations and restrictions. They are trained and have access to all information and specific forms needed to import/export pets. The pet flight managers at Animal Airways are also affiliated with airlines, ground handlers and custom clearance personal at every international airport.

Dr Kreiner, says the new department for relocation affairs was established to function as professional assistance, not to replace a relocation company.

From February first, Animal Airways’ pet flight managers will hand out files as each account manager will be appointed to a relocation company or HR department at a corporation to assist its clients with all their pet travel needs.

Dr Kreiner said, “Relocation providers and pet flight managers at Animal Airways share the same main objective, as they provide family members with the best “relocation kit” (housing, working permit, schools etc). We provide those clients with a “pet relocation kit” (pet import/export permits, vaccinations and preventive treatments, pet airline tickets or cargo shipments, kenneling services etc).

Dr Kreiner said the staff at Animal Airways believe that, by working with the leading relocation operators in the market, they will be able to reach thousands of pets and improve their quality of life through consulting, coordinating and monitoring the pet flight and the whole relocation process.

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