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Anti-wrinkle sleep bra stops sagging breasts

Anti-wrinkle sleep bra stops sagging breasts.

A new Dutch anti-wrinkle bra named La Decollette has hit the shops in London and Europe and is getting more popular every day. Women who wear the new sleep bra find their cleavage-wrinkles reduce significantly after just 24 hours, and the sag in their breasts is minimized too. The anti-wrinkle brassiere’s Dutch designer, Ms Rachel de Boer, is receiving enquiries from all over Europe, and now from Canada and the United States for the La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra.

Before being released on the unsuspecting public, the La Decollette bra was scientifically tested by the Paris research institute CERCO (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Cosmetologique) in France to see if the claims were true. And ooh la-la, the brassiere passed all tests with flying colors.

The famous London department store Selfridges was soon selling La Decollette in its London flagstore and online. And then importers in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain and France all began supplying the La Decollette sleep bra to lingerie shops. The bra’s maker, Ms de Boer, is also talking with a distributor for Canada and the US.

The anti-wrinkle bra’s appearance on Le Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris earlier this year shows the growing popularity and public acceptance of La Decollette. Ms de Boer explained that Le Salon is the biggest lingerie exhibition in Europe. “Last year when we attended Le Salon, our product drew a lot of attention,” she said. The La Decollette bra has been taken very seriously by everyone since it was tested by the CERCO researchers, and she said she has received a range of interesting offers since then.

The La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra is a night or sleep bra with no cups that keeps a woman’s breasts in place right through the night. Normally, women who sleep on their sides will find vertical wrinkles marking their cleavage when they wake up in the morning. This is caused by the breasts being pressed against each other while sleeping.

The sagging and the breast wrinkles get worse over the years, and eventually become permanent. But the La Decollette bra stops the sagging wrinkling from getting worse, and can even help existing wrinkles to disappear.

Rachel de Boer said it was a great honor to have her anti-wrinkle bra chosen by Selfridges of London, which was voted best department store in the world. She had shown the bra and its concept to the lingerie department, and Selfridges started selling La Decollette both online and in its prestigious Oxford Street store in the heart of London.

The La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra is already being sold in 150 different lingerie stores in Belgium, The Netherlands and elsewhere.

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