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Ulysses Club Macarthur Branch 2010 Christmas Toy Run

Aussie bike riders ride to give Christmas toys to needy families

Aussie bike riders ride to give Christmas toys to needy families.

Around 50 middle-aged motorcyclists from the Macarthur Branch Ulysses Club roared through the streets of Narellan, Camden and Menangle yesterday carrying a cargo of childrens’ toys and wellwishes to needy children in the Macarthur area south of Sydney, Australia.

The motor bike ride started from the McDonalds’ restaurant at Narellan, where Ulysses motorcycle club riders and their (not-really) “old ladies” met up with each other for the bike ride. They set off with a police motorcycle escort, to help them through the traffic and on to their destination, at Koshigaya Park Campbelltown.

Although the skies were threatening, the predicted rain stayed away for the duration of the ride, which finished shortly before noon.

There at the park, the motorbike riders presented their gifts of Christmas toys to the Salvation Army. The toys were placed into a van to be given to struggling families who would otherwise be unable to buy presents for their own kids.

The 50 or so motorcycles on the toy run included various motorbikes ranging from Harley Davidsons and Honda Goldwings, German BMWs, British Triumphs and a host of Jap bikes; Suzukis, Hondas, Kawasakis, Yamahas and others. There was even one three-wheeled Spyder machine, with two wheels at the front and one behind. Two of the larger motorbikes were even towing small camping trailers.

As requested by their club, many of the motorcyclists had donned fancy dress, wearing Santa costumes or some other “Christmasy” theme. One of the ladies had sewn a special red Santa hat covering for her motorcycle crash helmet, with a bell on top. And at least one of the motorbikes was seen by this reporter to be sporting fake reindeer antlers and other seasonal decorations.

The Toy Run ride ended with a sausage sizzle over a hot barbecue in the park, with hungry riders lining up for their sausage sandwiches with onions and sauce, plus a cold tin of soda.

The whole concept of the Ulysses Motorcycle Club is to provide a social outlet for older motorcycle riders and their partners. Full membership is only reached at age 50 and above, but junior members can join up when they have reached 40 years of age.


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