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Best-value winter holiday destinations in Europe

Best-value winter holiday destinations in Europe.

According to Tesco Travel Money, the average cost of a week away in Europe for a family of four from the United Kingdom costs just over $3226 USD or 2,000 GBP (pounds sterling). But wherever you’re traveling from, this research shows it could well be worth your while to consider the Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary for a bargain winter holiday.

It’s important not to look solely at flight costs when booking a holiday as expenses once you are there — from accommodation, to car hire and eating out — can make a big difference. For instance, a week spent skiing in Bulgaria would cost a typical family of four $1970 USD (1,221 pounds) compared to a whopping $3830 USD (2,375 pounds) they would have to spend to stay and sightsee in Spain.

At the high end of the scale, Reykjavik is likely to burn the biggest hole in people’s wallets with expenses for a week’s holiday setting a family back a massive $5456 USD (3,383 pounds).

Meals out are also costly. A family can spend nearly $645 USD (400 pounds) over the course of the week, so you can save a lot of money by staying in self catering accommodation and cooking meals together.

Wherever you decide to go, make sure you have the travel insurance to cover your needs. Tesco Travel Insurance can cover a family of four taking a two week European holiday from just $54 (33.50 pounds sterling).

Analysis of prices were for single, three-day European trip in European holiday destinations and were carried out by Purple Market Research in May 2010 in Warsaw (Poland), Budapest (Hungry), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bodrum (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Athens (Greece), Rome (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Faro (Portugal), Nice (France), Brighton (UK), Reykjavik (Iceland).

Tesco Travel Insurance is provided by Ageas Insurance Ltd. Certain sections of cover are provided by other insurers.

Tesco Bank is the UK’s largest supermarket bank. Since our launch in 1997, we have grown to 6.5 million customer accounts across 28 financial products and services. Its principal activities are: general insurance – motor, home, pet and travel; credit cards and personal loans; personal savings; Tesco Compare and a network of cash machines (ATMs). We sell our products through multiple channels including in-store, by telephone and online.

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