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Broken teeth? Prosthodontic dentistry can restore mouth function and appearance

Broken teeth? Prosthodontic dentistry can restore mouth function and appearance.

Tooth decay, trauma or injury to the mouth, periodontitis and cancer can all prevent proper mouth functions of chewing and eating. And they can be a source of embarrassment and self consciousness for people who have such problems.

Due to modern advances and improvements in dentistry materials and techniques, full mouth reconstruction is a viable and effective tool in helping people eat properly again even after severe damage to the teeth or their mouth structure.

As a premier Los Angeles prosthodontist, Dr. Haroun Rostami provides life-changing full mouth reconstruction for patients who are in need of extreme dental care.

Full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Rostami is not a single surgery or treatment, but rather it is a number of steps and procedures that can take more than a year to complete. Dr. Rostami consults with other dentists in specialized fields, such as full mouth reconstruction and periodontics, in order to create a flawless approach to the mouth reconstruction.

Significant attention is placed on the alignment of the jaws, the condition of each individual tooth and its root, the health of the gums, the type of implant and prostheses to be used, as well as the color and shape of implants, crowns or bridges.

Many of Dr. Rostami’s patients seek his expert care due to loss of teeth caused by tooth decay, excess grinding, oral cancer, and injuries to the face. Fortunately, most all of these cases are treatable, and patients are able to restore the function and normal appearance to their teeth after treatment is finished.

Since mouth reconstruction is viewed as a necessity by both patients and cosmetic dentists in Los Angeles, insurance policies are likely to cover a percentage of associated expenses, making this life changing dental service more accessible for those that need it in order to lead normal lives.

The compassionate care, attention, and skill Dr. Rostami provides for his patients has designated him as a leading cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles. Through full mouth reconstruction with Dr. Rostami, patients are able to restore their ability to chew and eat normally.

Along with treatment for full mouth reconstruction and implants, Dr. Rostami also provides treatment for periodontal disease, cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles, oral cancer screening, teeth whitening, TMJ treatment, and more.

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