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How Not to Panic When Your Boss Needs Answers

By: TJ Hillinger Does your boss fire-hose you with questions that you wish you knew cold, but maybe you don’t? Do you hesitate when put on the spot with questions like: “How many new members do [...]

Peer to Peer Fundraising: The Rising Tide

By: Katrina VanHuss, CEO of Turnkey Lissa Greenlee, Senior National Director, Team in Training, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society At some point, your board, your executive director, your colleagues…have said, “We need to do peer-to-peer fundraising!” No [...]

2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

Courtesy of the NCAA https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/ncaa-bracket-2019-printable-march-madness-tournament-bracket-pdf [...]

Thanking and apologizing: Talk that isn’t cheap

We place a high value on teaching children to say “thank you” and “I’m sorry.” As adults, these simple words are central to many social interactions. Uttering the words is easy, so why do people often [...]

Study: Sperm from infertile men ‘as good as sperm from fertile men’

Scientists have found that sperm DNA from the testicles of many infertile men is as good as that of ejaculated sperm of fertile men. This may explain a major cause of male infertility and opens the [...]

Believing in yourself can backfire w crowfunding

Normally, it’s good to believe in yourself. But research from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business indicates that it can be bad advice for amateurs investing online in unregulated, sometimes risky, equity crowdfunded ventures. In a [...]

Mega-project on cybersecurity and data protection

With a total grant amount of € 16 million, ‘mega’ is hardly an exaggerated designation for the project “CyberSec4Europe”. The European Commission desires to set international standards in cybersecurity and boost the effectiveness of Europe’s security [...]

Trials testing educational methods ‘often fail’

Educational trials aimed at boosting academic achievement in schools are often uninformative, new research suggests. The new study, published in the journal Educational Researcher, found that 40% of large-scale randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in the UK and [...]

Sense of control tied to feeling younger for elderly

A recent study finds that older adults feel younger when they feel that they have more control over their daily lives, regardless of stress or health concerns. However, stress and health – not a sense of [...]

The Power of Gratitude In The Workplace

If you knew that expressing gratitude to a colleague would improve their life and yours, would you do it more often? A new study by Portland State University researchers–business professor David Cadiz, psychology professor Cynthia Mohr, [...]