Debit Cards: Which Ones Are Best?

A debit card is a good tool for many reasons – such as if you have poor credit, or want to avoid bank checking fees, but still need to buy good online.  They are also quite [...]

Many Carry Wrong Credit Card, J.D. Power Study Finds

According to a JD Power 201 US Credit Card Satisfaction Study, about 20% of credit card customers are carrying the wrong card! More than one in five people have a card which has fees or rewards that [...]

Backup Plans May Keep You from Achieving Your Goals, Study Says

When it comes to setting organizational and personal goals, making a backup plan has been seen as a sensible way to deal with uncertainty — to be prepared if things don’t go as expected. However, new [...]

National Debt Relief Talks About Overcoming Debt Problems

National Debt Relief shared in a recent article published July 10, 2016 how a lot of consumers are having a hard time dealing with debt problems. The article, titled “4 Ways You Can Deal With Overwhelming [...]

Comprehensive Map of Primate Brain Development Published in Nature

According to the following news announcement, researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have published an in-depth analysis of a comprehensive molecular atlas of brain development in the non-human primate.  Here is what they published: [...]

A Look at the Phenomenon of Cannabis Tourism

As the entire cannabis industry comes out from the shadows of the economy one of the industries flourishing more is marijuana related tourism. Under the new conditions seems that any cannabis related activity is a good [...]

FDA Approves New Obesity Weight Loss Device

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new obesity treatment device that uses a surgically-placed tube to drain a portion of the stomach contents after every meal. The device is intended to assist in [...]

US Cannabis Finance

While there is a constant debate among policy and lawmakers about the possible impacts of cannabis in society and the health effects on its users, things seem to be different in Economics. As far as the [...]

National Debt Relief Talks Advantages Of Debit Cards Over Credit Cards

National Debt Relief described some of the benefits of using debit cards over credit cards in an article titled “6 Ways Debit Cards Are Better Than Credit Cards” , which explains why there are times it is [...]


By Donna Tschiffely, Executive Director, Direct Marketing Association of Washington News reports of non-profit executives traveling first class or spending lavishly on conferences and retreats get a lot of attention, often rightly so.  No one, in or [...]