Healthy Students are Successful Students

By Victor Abalos For Compton Unified School District With so much emphasis lately on test scores and teaching methods – it’s a good time to remind parents there’s still one strategy for student academic success that [...]

Time to ‘Rewrite History’ of North America? Romans in North America Before Columbus, Report Says

Researchers say a major discovery strongly suggests ancient Roman mariners were in Nova Scotia, Canada in second century AD or earlier — long before Columbus.  Photo Courtesy of Ancient Artifact Preservation Society In an upcoming peer-reviewd [...]

Boston Children’s Hospital teams with Hollywood SFX company to build patient models

Boston Children’s Hospital’s simulator program, SIMPeds, has partnered with the special effects company Fractured FX to create realistic models of patients’ anatomy for surgical and medical training. “This is the nexus of medicine and art, surgery [...]

How Do I Talk to My Kids about Violence after Oregon Shootings?

FROM THE:  American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) As the details surrounding Oregon’s Umpqua Community College unfold, our thoughts are with the families and individuals affected by the horrific and tragic act.  As an association dedicated [...]