EPA: Reduce Air Pollution at Ports to Combat Climate Change

A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that aid pollution generated by US ports can be reduced significantly to help combat global climate change.  EPA states that these reductions can be acheived through [...]

Article Published in Nature Has Scientists Saying They’ll “Save Planet from Climate Change with Grain of Sand”

While companies and governments across the world are working to reduce emissions, invent and use clean-burning fuels all in an effort to reduce the dumping of 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a [...]

New fossil evidence supports theory that first mass extinction engineered by early animals

Newly discovered fossil evidence from Namibia strengthens the proposition that the world’s first mass extinction was caused by “ecosystem engineers” – newly evolved biological organisms that altered the environment so radically it drove older species to [...]

Spring: Time for Safety, Chimney Sweeping and Earning Money

Spring has sprung after a rather brutal winter – particularly in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. So, now it’s time to transform your home from the protector of ice, snow and sleet into a safe open air, [...]

L.A. Mayor Garcetti and Griffith Park

By Ed Coghlan Eric Garcetti is off to an impressive start as Los Angeles Mayor. The man who ran a campaign about economic development and government efficiency is hitting all the right notes initially. Garcetti is [...]

Air Pollution Kills Millions Every Year

By Richard Lenti The deadly toll of breathing polluted air is now estimated to claim over two million people worldwide annually, a new study has found. Another 470,000 people die every year because of human-caused increases [...]

Water, Water Everywhere? Not Exactly

By Ed Coghlan Here’s what most Americans think about water: “I turn on the tap and it comes out.” And most of the time, that’s true. Yet in many parts of the country, the aging water [...]

Dry California Facing Water Issues

By Ed Coghlan California Governor Jerry Brown calls water one of the four chronic issues that face California. As a reminder, he is calling July “Water Smart Month” in the Golden State. The searing heat that [...]

Consumer Groups Say Chemicals in Glade Pose Threat

By Richard Lenti They’re some of the most popular cleaning products on the market:  Windex, Tide, Pledge and Glade. And for years a consumer advocate group has complained that unlisted ingredients in them pose a serious [...]

Dead Whale Renews Interest in Blubber Blast (Video)

The saga of Malibu’s rotting dead whale – and what to do about it – has some recalling a similar incident over 40 years ago on a beach in southern Oregon. In that case, state officials [...]