Food and Nutrition

Curbing your enthusiasm for overeating

UC Riverside-led mouse study focuses on cannabis-like molecules that augment feeding behavior Signals between our gut and brain control how and when we eat food. But how the molecular mechanisms involved in this signaling are affected [...]

Eating your feelings? The link between job stress, junk food and sleep

Stress during the workday can lead to overeating and unhealthy food choices at dinnertime, but there could be a buffer to this harmful pattern. A good night’s sleep can serve as a protecting factor between job [...]

A unique enzyme could be a game-changer for gluten-sensitive patients

Researchers have found that taking an enzyme tablet while consuming foods containing gluten prevents a significant amount of it from entering the small intestine. This could enable gluten-sensitive patients to ingest small quantities of gluten without [...]

Meal planning, timing, may impact heart health

Planning when to eat meals and snacks and not skipping breakfast, are patterns associated with healthier diets, which could reduce cardiovascular disease risk, according to a new scientific statement published in the American Heart Association journal [...]

Study tallies extra calories Americans consume in their coffee, tea

More than 160 million people in the U.S. drink coffee or tea on a regular basis, and many of them use sugar, cream, flavored syrups or other calorie-laden additives in their drinks of choice. A new [...]

Pizza Hut And Xbox To Give Away Xbox One S Consoles Every Hour This Holiday Season

This holiday season, Pizza Hut and Xbox have teamed up to spread holiday cheer by adding a new treat to the Pizza Hut Triple Treat Box – the chance to win an Xbox One S, the [...]

How to Pack Healthy School Lunches and Snacks

Busy parents know that packing healthy lunches and snacks that kids will eat and not throw out or trade day after day is a challenge. For kids with food allergies – which, according to the CDC, [...]

FDA Issues Sodium Reduction Targets

The voluntary, draft sodium-reduction targets released today by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could help prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths annually due to heart attacks and strokes, and could save tens of billions of [...]

Best Cure for A Hangover? New Study Says…

There are plenty of tricks to beat a hangover, or so many believe that to be true.  People drink coffee the night before, or guzzle several glasses of water, or even take vitamin C.  But, according [...]

What Happens When You Give a Poor, Indian Woman Power Tools?

Fighting Poverty in India Series: Part 6 Special to American News Report It’s not every day that you’ll see a poor, rural Indian woman behind a power weeder or a zero tillage machine, but it’s happening [...]