Food and Nutrition

Health Food and Beverage Flavoring is Art and Science

We all know that too much salt is not healthy. And, we all know that the flavor of salt makes so many foods taste delicious. So, we have a dilemma. Food manufacturers know this problem well [...]

FDA Tightens Regulations on Food Imports as Stomach Virus Spreads

By Pat Anson, Editor As federal and state health officials try to find the source of a stomach virus that has sickened hundreds of people – possibly caused by imported produce – the Food and Drug [...]

Fish Oil Compound May Relieve Pain

By Richard Lenti The benefits of fish oil have been touted for a variety of health conditions – including heart disease, stroke and arthritis. Now a new study suggests that a derivative of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), [...]

Shaq Soda Line Comes Under Fire

By Richard Lenti He’s known for his big size and bigger personality, but the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says retired NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal comes up small when it comes to the [...]

Study: Eating Nuts Lowers Risk of Death

By Pat Anson, Editor Research has shown that eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids – such as fish, spinach and nuts — can help reduce inflammation and pain. One study even found that omega [...]

Marketing Obesity to Children Called ‘Disastrous’

By Richard Lenti A war is being waged on the minds and appetites of children, and if it is lost, the outcome will be disastrous in the eyes of The World Health Association (WHO). WHO is [...]

Food Survey Serves Up Surprises

By Richard Lenti We are what we eat. But knowing what to eat and where it comes from is apparently harder to digest. Just ask the British school children who think cheese comes from plants and [...]

Study Finds Vegetarians Outlive Meat Eaters

By Elizabeth Magill Cutting meat from your diet may be the key to lowering your risk of heart disease and premature death, new research shows. Especially when it comes to men, a vegetarian diet may reduce [...]

Calcium Supplements Lower Risk of Death for Women

By Pat Anson, Editor Calcium supplements may do more than just strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis. Taking a daily calcium supplement and eating foods rich in calcium may also help women live longer, according to [...]

Researcher Says Coffee May Help You Live Longer

By Richard Lenti It’s one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. And for many, the day can’t begin without it. But that cup of coffee may be doing more than giving you a [...]