When a Handshake Isn’t Just a Handshake: Breaking Down the New French-American Dynamic

By Emma Coghlan  It was the cracking of knuckles heard around the world. During a visit to France, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron put their relationship on display for the entire world as an extended, strong [...]

Do Democratic and Republican doctors treat patients differently at the end of life?

The divide that separates conservative and liberal values may be as wide now as it has ever been in our country. This divide shows itself in areas of everyday life, and health care is no exception. [...]

US Cannabis Finance

While there is a constant debate among policy and lawmakers about the possible impacts of cannabis in society and the health effects on its users, things seem to be different in Economics. As far as the [...]

The Future of Credit Shelter Trusts

By J. Corey Reeder When the President signed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, some observers thought that certain provisions would sound the death knell for a popular legal tax shelter strategy known as Credit [...]

Mark Levin Donates Rare First Edition of The Federalist Papers

Hillsdale College’s Allan P. Kirby Jr. Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship today received a rare first edition of the Federalist Papers. The document was donated to the College from the family of nationally syndicated radio [...]

Democrats Get Shellacknado’d in Midyear, Lose Senate

In the 2010 midterm elections the Democrats lost the House of Representatives and president Obama called the loss “a shellacking..”  Last night, in his second midterm election, Obama got #Shellacknado 2. The Republicans grabbed Democrat Senate [...]

NY Lt. Governor Candidate, Christopher Moss, to Officiate “The Shot Heard Around New York”

PRESS RELEASE: Canandaigua, NY, October 30, 2014: Chemung County Sheriff and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Christopher Moss will be officiating “The Shot Heard Around New York” at 12:00 noon at the Canandaigua Sportsmen’s Club on Saturday, [...]

Tons of Guns to Be Fired Protesting Cuomo’s SAFE Act

On November 1st, tens of thousands of gun owners throughout New York and other states will fire their guns at noon eastern time. They are doing it to “send a symbolic gesture to NY Governor, Andrew [...]

2nd Amendment Supporters Calling for “Shot Heard Round the US” Nov. 1

In an effort to drive voters to the ballot box, New York gun owners are organizing “Shot Heard Round the US” events throughout the state and are encouraging gun owners across the US to join them. [...]

New Yorkers Plan to Use Candidate Report Card November 4th to Fight SAFE Act 2

New York gun owners are watching the November elections more closely than ever before. This year, many of the estimated 6 million gun owners in the state will turn to a Candidate Report Card to guide [...]