No Coaches Fired This Week in College Football?

By Ed Coghlan It was one of those weeks in college football where it looks like nothing much happened, and if you view the weekly ratings you’re about right. None of the Top 10 teams lost [...]

College Football Lays an Egg

By Ed Coghlan Is college football broken? Only two ranked teams played each other last week — and #5 Stanford showed its probably headed to another BCS appearance by rolling Arizona State, 42-28. Saturday was notable [...]

The Pac 12 is Better Than the Big Ten

By Ed Coghlan The first big game of the season had the same result as the last big game of the 2012 season. Nick Saban’s team won. Alabama’s 49-42 win over Texas A&M at College Station [...]

Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin Under Fire

By Ed Coghlan It was only seven years ago when Texas and USC played the best national championship game ever in the Rose Bowl. (Remember this?) Texas and USC are in the news again this week, [...]

Olbermann, Patrick, CBS and Time Warner

By Ed Coghlan I’ve always been a fan of Keith Olbermann’s talent– not his antics, his boorishness, or his politics — but his talent. I knew him when he was breaking in at a couple of [...]

What Golfers Want: Tips on Getting Better

By Ed Coghlan If you love to golf — and I can’t imagine anyone that doesn’t — the pursuit of improvement is a constant. If you are like me, you ask yourself: How do I get [...]

LPGA’s Solheim Cup is a Dud

By Ed Coghlan Women’s golf just can’t get a break in the U.S., and the truth is maybe it doesn’t deserve one. The LPGA Tour has been suffering in recent years from sponsor indifference, bad management, [...]

Putting for Dough Effectively

By Ed Coghlan I just returned from a week’s vacation and played lots of golf. Not surprisingly, my best scores occurred when I was putting well. My worst score? Well you know —that was a day [...]

PGA TV Ratings Up

By Ed Coghlan I was curious to see how the television ratings for the PGA did last weekend, and to my pleasant surprise they had a good week. Despite Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson not being [...]

Colin Montgomerie Still Can’t Close

By Ed Coghlan It’s hard not to like Jason Dufner. The easy-going, unassuming fluid swinging Dufner is a guy you find yourself rooting for. He does absolutely nothing to draw attention to himself, unlike some of [...]