Article Published in Nature Has Scientists Saying They’ll “Save Planet from Climate Change with Grain of Sand”

While companies and governments across the world are working to reduce emissions, invent and use clean-burning fuels all in an effort to reduce the dumping of 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, a [...]

Parents Share Concerns with Buying Laptops and Smartphones for Kids This Year, the savings resource for millions of online deal hunters, announced results of its Back to School Tech Survey (*Survata), which revealed 28% of parents plan to purchase student laptops and/or smartphones during back to school [...]

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 from Verizon; preorders start tomorrow

Expand your creativity with the new Samsung Galaxy Note7, available online and in Verizon stores for preorder on August 3. Get the Galaxy Note7 on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network and access buffer-free video [...]

4 Simple Ways to Get Your “Digital” Fundraising House in Order

By:  Jim Jacobs, Vice President of Digital Services at PS Digital Is your nonprofit maximizing the power of digital for your fundraising program? Digital marketing has grown to be a substantial part of many nonprofit’s fundraising programs, [...]

ONE Announces a Cutting Edge Solution Track & Spend Gift Card Balances

Ciright ONE LLC recently introduced a cutting edge solution for consumers to track and spend their gift card balances. Consumers spent some $130 billion on gift cards, while close to $1 billion went unused. Millennials made up [...]

Got Chronic Illness? You Likely Use a Health Tracking App

With 64% of Americans owning a smartphone only 18% say they like to learn health, wellness and lifestyle information through a mobile application. In stark contrast, consumers with diabetes and pre-diabetes are more engaged in mobile [...]

Experian Notifies Consumers In The U.S. Who May Have Been Affected By Breach of Client’s Data

Experian North America announced that it experienced an unauthorized acquisition of consumer information from its T-Mobile, USA client. The data included some personally identifiable information for 15 million consumers in the US, including those who applied for [...]

Not Sure How Much You’ll Benefit from a Pacemaker? Take One for a “Test Drive”

Dr. Michael Giudici of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics caused quite a stir at the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) EUROPACE-CARDIOSTIM 2015 meeting when he presented a poster about patients who took pacemakers for [...]

Mobile Takes Over Desktop for Online Search

Well, it didn’t take long.  Google recently reported that people use mobile devices for online search more than desktops. Mobile devices have been rapidly taking over search, as smartphones are in the hands of hundreds of [...]

Google Acquires Timeful to Manage Your Schedules with Artificial Intelligence

People use so many apps to help manage their schedules … travel apps, calendars, health appointments… you name it. And, that was a problem that Google wanted to solve so it could overtake the online mobile [...]