Point-Not-So-Counterpoint: Using the Trade Show Floor to Your Best Advantage from the Attendee and Exhibitor Perspective

Steve: I’m a fundraising consultant who regularly attends conferences – most of which have trade shows. Alan: And, I’m president of a company that prints custom labels and I usually exhibit at the conferences. Steve: Between [...]

Hats on for Easter Island Statues

How do you put a 13-ton hat on a giant statue? That’s what a team of researchers is trying to figure out with their study of Easter Island statues and the red hats that sit atop [...]

WV’s New Tourism Campaign: “Almost Heaven”

The West Virginia Tourism Office today launched a new tourism campaign that invites visitors to discover their version of heaven in West Virginia, a destination abounding with unspoiled nature, rich history and a peaceful way of life. The [...]

A Look at the Phenomenon of Cannabis Tourism

As the entire cannabis industry comes out from the shadows of the economy one of the industries flourishing more is marijuana related tourism. Under the new conditions seems that any cannabis related activity is a good [...]

Living Abroad in China – An English Teacher’s Experience

Editor’s note: Sophia Sou is an American teaching English to students in China. She has agreed to share some of experiences there.  With over 24 million people in one of the world’s largest metropolitan city, Shanghai [...]

Help Women in Poverty by Doing What You Love

Fighting Poverty in India Series: Part 9 of 9 Special to American News Report Did you ever think you could do the things you love to do, like running or hosting a holiday party, and help women [...]

Survey Finds Boomers Chill Out and Millennials Stay Wired on Vacation

If you’re between 18 and 31, you’re far more likely than your parents to be worrying about work and updating your Facebook profile while on vacation, according to a new survey of America’s getaway habits. A [...]

Vacationing with a Child with Allergies or Asthma

Food allergies and asthma kill over 3,000 children, and result in more than one million emergency room visits each year, according to the American Lung Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. With the summer travel [...]

An Innocent Home from Abroad: Why Danes are Healthier

It’s funny to think that I’ve now spent almost as much time back in the United States as I did in Copenhagen, Denmark when I was studying abroad. And while I have enjoyed returning to a [...]

Favorite Places: Jerome, Arizona – A Quirky Mountain Town

I grew up in country-land Indiana, a place ridden with cornfields, horse manure and clip-clopping buggies that held up traffic on just about every single road in town. To make a long story short, after college [...]