Amputee Athlete Powerlifts with Prosthetic Leg

38-year-old Justin Radcliff of Clayton, North Carolina is a husband and father of three kids (two daughters and one son). Justin works as a personal trainer at a gym during the day, and makes deliveries for [...]

Big Data Means Big Changes for Marketing and Fundraising Organizations

Special to American News Report Two recent research reports published in January paint a telling picture of how “big data” is changing the way marketers cultivate customers, members and donors. “Big data” refers to the mountains [...]

New California Budget Doesn’t Include Much State Park Funding – Video News

The California budget is a mess. State funding is so tight that 70 state parks were scheduled to close on July 1st. The state held off actually closing the parks for now, partly because of local [...]

Trying Out the Flight Experience Simulator at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Our aviation writer, Mr Mike Parer, who is a licensed commercial pilot, recently took a 'flight' session in the Flight Experience flight simulator at Sydney's Darling Harbour. Mike found it an absolutely awesome experience, and he [...]

Gates Foundation help kids in poor countries get life-saving vaccines (VIDEO)

Bill and Melinda Gates, co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, are helping to save children’s lives in some of the world’s poorest countries. They issued the following statement this week about the GAVI Alliance’s [...]

Possibly the most common and dangerous white-powder drug in the world

A New York Times article, titled Is Sugar Toxic by Gary Taubes, looks at the question “Is Sugar Another White Crystal Powder Drug?” The article is based on the extensive work of Robert Lustig, a specialist [...]

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami, Day 2, noon sitrep 2011-03-12 (VIDEO)

This Youtube video clip comes from Russian TV and Japanese news sources. Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, Day Two, midday sitrep The 8.9 level earthquake which hit Japan yesterday has devastated the northeast part of the country [...]

It’s hard to sugar-coat tobacco-related disease these days… (VIDEO)

“Unsweetened truth” Campaign Asks “Why Do They Make Tobacco Taste Sweet?” Living with tobacco-related diseases and the devastating effects of tobacco use take center stage in the latest creative from truth®, the nation’s largest smoking prevention [...]

World’s stutterers applaud ‘The King’s Speech’ Ocsars

When the unusual movie ‘The King’s Speech’ won at the Oscars today, it wasn’t only the actors and director who were delighted, there were also the thousands of people all over the world who stutter, stammer [...]

Christchurch Earthquake: am sitrep, day 4, 2011-02-25 (VIDEO)

It is now the morning of the fourth day of the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Disaster. It is New Zealand’s worst natural disaster in 80 years. The September 4, 2010 earthquake of five months ago was [...]