Chronic Pain — 13 May 2013

By Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD

Acupuncture1-1I’ve been a family doctor for 30 years. Fifteen years ago, I started on a quest
to understand how one of my fibromyalgia patients was getting better without pills.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most miserable pain problems in the world.

My patient was a stubborn lady who was frustrated with all the specialists and the side effects of pain medication. She planted the seed that began my quest to comb through all available data to explain why she was better. I wanted to use this miracle to help my other patients.

This journey lead me to realize I was given misinformation in the form of incomplete, biased, and outright false information about pain and what causes it. I need to let others recognize this misinformation so that the concept of pain becomes more logical.

Pain is not what I thought!

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