Chronic Pain — 20 May 2013

bigstock-Out-of-focus-woman-extending--344774781By Pat Anson, Editor

The words are chilling, eye-opening and often a plea for help from people in pain:

“My next option is suicide. I have no doubts if they don’t find an effective treatment soon I will get to the point where I won’t be able to take it anymore.”

“I have considered ending my life. If I get to a place where my pain cannot be treated and I cannot take care of myself I will euthanize myself.”

“I, too, think about it every single day. The pain I would leave my family with is the only thing that keeps me from doing it.”

“No relief is coming until you are dead.”

These are some of the comments left by readers to our story about the suicide of Dick Trickle, the retired NASCAR driver who took his life last week.  According to his brother, Trickle had severe chronic pain under his left breast from an undisclosed condition.

“He must have just decided the pain was too high, because he would have never done it for any other reason,” Chuck Trickle told ESPN.

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