Consumer — 26 September 2013

By Pat Anson, Editor

Have you heard about the “healing power” of copper?

What about the “undeniable power” of magnets?

Late night television and the Internet are full of ads touting the benefits of wearing copper or magnetic bracelets.

“Research has shown that magnetic bracelets can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and even help in the treatment of chronic pain,” proclaims one advertisement.

The so-called healing power of magnets and copper can be traced back thousands of years and remain popular today. Magnetic therapy, in fact, may be more popular – and more profitable — than at any other time in history, with estimated annual worldwide sales exceeding $1.5 billion.

But all that money may be going to waste, according to a new study by British researchers, who found that magnets and copper do nothing to alleviate the pain, swelling, or disease progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

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Pat Anson, Editor

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(1) Reader Comment

  1. Doesn’t the 1.5 billion is spent a year give credence to its possitive effects.
    Last week a gentleman came to my booth and asked “does this really work?” My response is lets see…..wear this for awhile. A couple hours later he returns and says “its better but maybe its all in my mind. I’m scheduled to have my nerve in my elbow burnt. I am in scurity an I can’t even draw my weapon.”
    I told him to wear it overnight. He did and was much better. I told him to wear it another night. That morning he got up and did 100 quick draws with his glock without any pain. He purchased a bracelet and had a doctors appointment the next morning.
    The doctor asked him what he was wearing. He told him and demonstrated his ability to move his arm.
    His doctor said if he believed in it he should wear it. Then the doctor pulled don his sleeve to expose his magnetic bracelet