A News Nation Politics — 05 November 2014

VoteIn the 2010 midterm elections the Democrats lost the House of Representatives and president Obama called the loss “a shellacking..”  Last night, in his second midterm election, Obama got #Shellacknado 2.

The Republicans grabbed Democrat Senate seats in North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, West Virginia, Arkansas, Montana, West Virginia, and South Dakota, delivering a pink slip to Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is presumed to take the reins of the U.S. Senate.

Polls showed great disdain for Washington politics, particularly with Congress. But, as Obama said in October, “my policies are on the ballot.”

Nearly all Democrats ran from any connection to the president, which was made evident by the fact that only a few candidates had him stump for their campaign, while 2016 presumed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, stumped throughout the country.

In House races, Shellacknado 2 was like a 3rd super storm of hammerheads colliding on Obama’s policies and agenda.  “Phony scandals” like IRS and Benghazi, coupled with trouble in the VA, the explosion on the Islamic State, invasion of Ukraine, and dissing of Netanyahu fed the sharks. Republicans gained at least 12 seats, making it their strongest showing in the House since 1946.

But it’s the Senate that delivers to the Republicans a stage to make their policy choices seen and heard without silencing House bills, as Sen. Reid has strategically done for years. That may or may not be good for the Republicans as they enter the 2016 election.

If anything Shellacknado 2 was an historic win for the Republicans.


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