World — 15 March 2011

Japan’s Nuclear Emergency

The fire at the Number 4 reactor has been put out.

Earlier, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan called for an evacuation of 800 emergency personnel from a 20 to 30 kilometer radius of the Fukushima nuclear plant.

People living in the affected area were told to close their windows, to stay indoors and not to hang out their laundry.

Three reactors have been overheating ever since the tsunami hit, and they have already experienced hydrogen explosions. Then today came the fire in Reactor number 4 at the atomic power plant.

It looks very much like some of these have experienced a partial meltdown, but there are conflicting statements on the situation.

The Fukujima plant is about 160 miles (250 kms) northeast of Tokyo.

There is now a radiation leak. The Prime Minister told reporters that radiation levels near the site are now high enough to be a danger to human health.

Editor’s Note: This information is now out-of-date. You can read the latest news reports and information from the NEWS index page here.



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