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Forget smartphones - how about clever, safer phones

Forget smartphones - how about clever, safer phones?

Could This Be the Answer? The Answer Parents, teachers, judges, prison officials, government agencies and even DOT Secretary LaHood are searching for? Try Safety First Believes it is.

Try Safety First (TSF) wants to make your phone smarter, safer, courteous and compliant. TSF is seeking endorsements from parents, teachers, judges, prison officials, military personnel, homeland security and governors and would like to hear from you.

MARIETTA, Ga., Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Try Safety First (TSF) has invented new technology which promises a free solution to save lives, create jobs, improve education, reduce taxes, eliminate prison contraband, add $1.7 billion per year toward reducing the federal deficit and save the U.S. up to $450 billion each year.

Sounds sort of like a campaign promise and, in essence, it could be. Try Safety First (TSF) has developed a new set of wireless protocols for which they are seeking a congressional mandate. And various members of Congress have asked them for endorsement letters to show support for their technology. So if this applies to you, a respectful reply of an email, letter or phone call is being requested. A link to your congressman is provided below.

According to TSF, most people including many of our congressional leaders simply are not aware of the number or the magnitude of problems today’s wireless technology presents. John Fischer, President and CEO of Try Safety First, says he usually begins by asking the following questions:

What piece of technology is the #1 smuggled prison contraband followed by heroin, cocaine and meth?
What piece of technology is the #1 cause of roadway accidents, the #1 killer of teens and, according to the World Health Organization, is costing the U.S. as much as three percent of its GDP?
What piece of technology is the #1 disruption in middle schools, high schools and colleges across the U.S.?
What piece of technology is the #1 cause of mistrials in court systems throughout the U.S.?
What piece of technology do terrorists use to detonate more than 60% of their IEDs?

Answer: the cell phone, but you already knew that. There is one simple solution to answer all of these problems and TSF claims to have it. That answer is to include in the operating system of each wireless device a standardized set of protocols expressly directing specific behavior whenever the phone is in a matching protocol limited range environment. In other words, the phone understands how to behave as such:

In a prison, the phone becomes disabled. Exception: guard is wearing matching protocol sensor disablement tag or in a common area where cell use is allowed.
In a vehicle, within one meter of the driver’s seat, the texting and email features will be inhibited while allowing passengers’ full use of their phones.
In a classroom, the teacher receives a remote classroom protocol switch which encourages use of the phone as a teaching tool, yet affords partial disablement when giving a quiz. All emergency 911 functionality remains intact along with two parental protocols.
In a courtroom or high security building, a judge/employer can silence all pedestrian phones and/or disable all juror phones. Again, all emergency 911 functionality remains intact.
In the line of fire, bomb experts can disable protocol enabled IEDs, making it increasingly more difficult for a terrorist to use a standard cell phone to detonate a roadside bomb.

When asked if TSF technology is just a tad bit too much government intrusion, Fischer responded emphatically NO. Use of a cell phone is not a right but a privilege, and we must respect it for everything that it is and realize we are not somehow magically immune to its dangers. The cell phone is much greater than a simple toy capable of doing some really cool things. Fischer believes the cell phone may be one of the greatest inventions ever known, but he says it was never envisioned to be smuggled contraband, facilitate massive cheating and disruption among students, cause an accident every 47 seconds or be a terrorist’s best friend. Unfortunately, it has become the key ingredient in many disastrous recipes and we must not let good judgment be overtaken by our addiction to these cool gadgets. Fischer is certain the problems will only get worse unless we increase the functionality of our mobile devices to include a simple set of standard safety protocols.

Fischer is looking to start several grassroots efforts among various groups (parents, teachers, judges, prison officials, military personnel, homeland security and governors) to show support for these protocols. Anyone can write an email or make a phone call. Simply tell your congressional representative you support TSF safety protocol adoption. Your congressional representative link is: Fischer is also requesting a copy of your endorsement be sent to

Try Safety First is an innovative solution provider for wireless distractions. For additional information including a white paper and business model on TSF protocol adoption, please contact or call 770-652-4517.


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