Press Releases World — 13 March 2011
Free phone calls to Japan in wake of quake and tsunami

Free phone calls to Japan in wake of quake and tsunami.

In response to the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the Japanese cities of Sendai and Kessenuma causing huge amounts of damage and significant loss of life, VIP Communications, is helping the Japanese community in the US stay in touch with friends and loved ones back home.

The company is offering all new and existing customers the first 10 minutes of every call to Japan free of charge at least through Friday, March 18th, 2011.

“When we heard the news that Japan was hit with the largest earthquake in at least 100 years, and the massive tsunami that followed, our immediate response was that we had to do something that enabled our customers to call their friends and families, and provide support to those closest to them currently living in Japan,” said Graham Milne, CEO of VIP Communications.

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Ashburn, VA based VIP Communications Inc. is a leading provider of international calling services and solutions, providing customers with best-in-class customer service, excellent connections and highly competitive pricing to every country in the world. The company has established itself as the standard for reliability and service in the international calling industry, having grown its customer base by an average of 40% per year, maintaining industry-leading customer retention rates and expanding its service portfolio to include Business and Mobile Services.

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