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Gran Canaria Hotels: Have a great holiday and enjoy the wildlife

Gran Canaria Hotels: Have a great holiday and enjoy the wildlife.

When it comes to taking your summer holiday, it can be difficult to keep the whole family happy. However, there is one destination that may actually keep the whole brood happy – Gran Canaria. This sunny island has great nightlife, exotic wildlife and beautiful beaches. With some great deals on Gran Canaria hotels, you can also have a very affordable holiday here.

To make the most of your stay explore the island’s creatures. So if you’re looking for more than just a week by the pool, soak up some sun while spotting as many species as you can!

You might not think of camels when you think of Gran Canaria, but the island offers camel safaris and has a camel safari park. Maspalomas is home to Sahara-like sand dunes and there will be many locals happy to provide you with the opportunity to trek across them on a camel. Close by is the town of Fataga, which has a camel safari park so it’s another way to get close to these splendid creatures. It is easy to book these excursions, with most Gran Canaria hotels able to make travel arrangements for you.

From camels to crocodiles – Parque de los Cocodrilo opened in 1988 as a family-run park with less than ten crocodiles. Today that same family continues to adopt ill-treated animals and provide them with a good home and nursing them back to health. This is the only zoological park in Gran Canaria and as such is a busy visitor attraction for those who know about it. Visitors can now enjoy not only crocodiles but also chimpanzees, tigers, birds and a large cacti garden.

If you want to have an incredible experience, then be sure to go dolphin spotting around the coast of Gran Canaria. Here you can get one of the glass-bottomed boats to see colourful marine life, and if you’re lucky a few dolphins and whales. The dolphins in this area are known to be incredibly friendly, and show off, jumping out the water and generally putting on a bit of a show! This experience is not as expensive as you may think, with boat trips starting from only around 10 euros.

For a fun way to learn more about rare animals, then book a stay at hotels in Gran Canaria.

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