HVAC Contractors Bringing New Solutions to Old Problems & Everyone Is Winning

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ductless hvac system by daikenSo, you have an HVAC problem.  You expect that your HVAC contractor will come in, diagnose the problem, give you a quote and fix it.  God forbid, you’d need to replace the entire system.

That’s the way the industry worked for decades.

Now, it’s different.  There have been significant advances in technology, entirely new methods to heat and cool buildings, and that’s saving consumers on their energy bills while making HVAC contractors more profits.  Everyone wins.  So, what happened?

The development of ductless HVAC systems have radically changed how homeowners, architects, HVAC professionals and building managers think — and how they solve heating and cooling challenges.

Ductless HVAC systems are just that:  ductless.  They don’t need ducts to carry cooled or heated air throughout a house or building.  That alone saves on new construction costs.

Ductless HVAC systems allow home and building owners to heat and cool specific zones or rooms in the building.  For example, a ductless unit may be installed in every room in a house.  But only the rooms that are occupied are cleaning and delivering air.  That means there is no wasted energy going to pushing air to rooms that may be unoccupied for weeks on end – like a basement.

Imagine individual, wall-mounted units that are sleek and operated by remote control.  Enter a room, and cool it down quickly and efficiently.  You’re not paying for the monster system to push air throughout the home.

One manufacturer of ductless HVAC systems is global giant, Daiken. They make several different ductless systems, geared to the solutions the building needs.

Average estimates on energy savings hover around a 40% reduction in monthly energy costs.  Those savings add up quickly enough to pay for the cost of the system and installation, which homeowners and building managers love.

So, today, an HVAC contractor may come to diagnose a problem with your HVAC unit.  But instead of simply telling you the ways to fix an old system, he or she may educate you about ductless systems.  They can help consumers calculate the energy savings and how long it would take to pay for itself.

It’s good business for the HVAC contractor, because installation of ductless systems are comparatively simple, and they earn the contractor more than repairs.  But homeowners that choose to forego ductless system “this time” should also consider the costs for the next problem, particularly with aging HVAC systems.

The bottom line is that the industry has changed for everyone’s benefit.  Contractors bring new solutions that earn them more income, while simultaneously helping their customers save energy, save money and live more comfortably.


Author: Doug Lynch

Doug is an author, patent holder and a Home Improvement News Network contributor.

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