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Korea's World IT Show 2011 attracts officials from 25 countries

Korea's World IT Show 2011 attracts officials from 25 countries

The World IT Show 2011 opened in South Korea this week, on May 11. It is the biggest and brightest global IT show in Korea, and features several different international events which are run simultaneously during the expo. There is an International Communication Conference plus an International Broadcasting Communication Ministers’ Meeting  which are both being held concurrently… Plus, there are side events such as a new product/technology presentation, an export skull session (their term, not ours) with overseas buyers, and the inevitable press party with international reporters are also organized.

2011 International Broadcasting Communication Ministers’ Meeting

International Broadcasting Communication Ministers’ Meeting for sharing policies and visions of various countries and seeking for new possibilities by interacting policies in broadcasting and communications each other is held in COEX ASEM Hall on May 11. This meeting, participated by ministers and generals from 25 countries, will deal with today and future of IT industry, in the theme of ‘Smart Society & Mobile Revolution’.

This year, people from Southeast Asia, Central Asia and South America like East Timor, Laos, Cambodia, Maldives, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Brazil, Uruguay and Azerbaijan are participating and going to discuss on trend change of different IT technologies.

2011 International Communication Conference

Korea Communications Conference (hereafter “the Conference”) is held in Grand Ballroom of COEX from May 11 to 12.

The Conference will bring together 50 experts and policy-makers in the field of telecommunications to share their experience and insights for promotion in broadcasting and communications and to provide recent business information of the market.

Particularly, Timothy Mark, a chairman of World Future Society, Seok-Min Ha, a representative of SKT, Byong-Gi Lee, a professor of Seoul National University, Douglas Sicker, a CTO of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Michael Donoughe of OECD are participating as speakers. Recent global policies for broadcasting and communications, change and opportunities of broadcasting and communications market within smart environment and privacy policy, which is a key issue these days, will be covered.

Export Skull Session with Overseas Buyers

Export Skull Session with Overseas Buyers is held in Hall D, third floor of COEX, on May 12. In this event 70 overseas buyers from the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and China are participating including Suning, having a thousand distribution stores throughout China, CTT from Germany, and NTT Docomo from Japan.

What buyers want to buy is known to be diversified from PC and peripheral devices to all sorts of smart devices and software. The session, lasting from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M., will help proceeding customized overseas business more successfully with trade exports with overseas sales experience and interpreters and personnel possessing trade and business knowledge.

Press Party

Press party, inviting media and broadcasting communications companies from home and abroad, is held from 6 pm on May 11 and will last for two hours. Press party is for giving opportunities to enter into foreign markets by making networks between participants of World IT Show and media and broadcasting communications companies with competitiveness from home and abroad.

This year, more than 200 global media like NHK from Japan, SOHU, QQ, PCPOP, TGBUS and Consumer Electronics Magazine from China, HdAV from Hong Kong, Digitimes from Taiwan, Vietnam Plus from Vietnam, Kompas from Indonesia, Nine Dot Nine from India, Telephoto and Metropole Television from France, RSI TV from Switzerland, Slashgear from USA, memeburn from South Africa and 50 Korean companies and foreign buyers gather together. It’s expected that diverse communications are going to be formed by 50 overseas buyers, persons engaged in Korea Communications Commission and other related agencies as invitees.

For further info, go to the ‘World IT Show 2011 Special Page‘ :

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