Health Press Releases — 16 May 2011

Manhattan-based board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon, David Shafer, MD, introduces the first New York City Based Medical Tourism site with corresponding iPad, iPhone and Android applications.

On the heels of the creation of the world’s first interactive plastic surgery themed iPhone application, The Shafer Plastic Surgery App, the Medical Tourism NYC site and applications empower patients worldwide with access to information, travel and the ability to book appointments for the best aesthetic and surgical care available.

A Mayo Clinic and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon; Dr. David Shafer has established a global patient base with more than 50 percent of his patients travelling from Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia to seek out personalized service and unparalleled care at his New York City practice. Dr. Shafer created Medical Tourism NYC as a response to the frustration of patients who travel to developing countries in search of “cheap plastic” surgery only to end up in his office in need of surgical revisions or worse, emergency treatment; mostly due to substandard techniques and training. Through Medical Tourism NYC, Dr. Shafer will create a process for patients to travel to a higher level of care for medical care. Through his Fly In/Fly out program, Dr. Shafer has arranged medical trips to the Middle East – bringing his surgical team to the patient’s home country to perform advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

Medical Tourism NYC is the only site of its kind, combining a comprehensive resource for patients interested in traveling for quality medical care including frequently asked questions (FAQs) on plastic surgery procedures, animations of common surgical procedures, hotel accommodations, flight tracking, links to major attractions to in New York City, links to leading medical associations stressing the importance of board certification and to major New York area hospitals. See the embedded video at the end of this article. Current medical tourism sites encourage travel to countries such as South America, Mexico and Thailand for a cut-rate cosmetic surgery. Medical Tourism NYC focuses on travel to obtain the highest level of medical care, giving consumers access to top doctors, the leading hospitals and the unlimited resources of New York City.

Medical Tourism NYC is unique among other sites that provide travel services for consumers seeking cosmetic surgery abroad in many ways. The site joined Travelocity’s partner program and now seamlessly integrates travel with the click of a mouse. Additionally, Medical Tourism NYC incorporates an educational resource for patients with indexed information on procedures, animations of the most popular procedures and access to Dr. Shafer’s database of frequently asked plastic surgery questions.

Medical Tourism NYC provides a multifaceted approach to giving patients top care including:

— Instant translation of website information into twelve languages
— Access to Skype video conference consultations
— Social media – featuring Facebook and Twitter
— Comprehensive travel blog

The accompanying iPhone, iPad and Android applications offer mobile and smartphone users the ability to tap into all Medical Tourism NYC resources on the go. The site also offers the option to take a self-portrait with a personal phone, attach it to an email and send to Dr. Shafer for an initial consultation.

For patients interested in traveling for the highest level of aesthetic care, New York City is the destination of choice. Home to some of the best plastic surgeons and specialists in the world, and leading teaching hospitals, New York City offers medical tourists from around the world access to an innovative cosmetic concierge service to meet all their needs.
To learn more, please bookmark Medical Tourism NYC, follow the site on Facebook, Twitter, or the Blog for the latest information.

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