People in Hartford Fighting Poverty With Help of New Website and $20 Jump Start

Hartford, December 9, 2014 / MM Globawire / A creative new way to fight poverty was officially launched by KindSight today and people in Hartford are signing up quickly. delivers a very different giving experience than your typical charitable website. It allows people to choose exactly where their contributions go, and introduces creative non-monetary ways to fight poverty globally.

One thing that is certainly different is how KindSight is kick-starting the site with $20 to everyone who signs up.

“We created myKindSight.orKind-Sight-Final-Logog to give socially active people new ways to fight poverty, and decided to give them a little jump-start,” said Kattie Rogers, “KindSight QueenPin” and Director of Research and Innovation for KindSight.

While the $20 surely captures people’s attention, what really makes unique are the ways in which it encourages people to contribute their time and voice – not just their money.

KindSight Sign UpThe site invites you to donate your time by creating events and setting goals.

It also uses custom software that enables contributors to instantly share information about their poverty-fighting activities with a single click.

The sight also has whimsical and fun badges to track and reward your poverty-fighting activity.  You can see your contribution visually, and you can see how others measure up.

“Our goal was to innovate the giving experience by making it very social and really personal. With the launch of, there is now a platform that lets people direct their gifts to very specific interventions, like building wells and funding trainings where women learn how to grow better crops,” Rogers added.

KindSight is an initiative of Lutheran World Relief. Its first project is helping 500 women farmers in India get out of poverty through sustainable agriculture.  The goal is to empower the women with training, equipment and sharing knowledge so they can achieve sustainable economic freedom by growing and selling vegetables.

That’s an important cause, and with a $20 jump start, may just go viral.

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