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Movo offers Italians easy point-to-point travel searches and bookings

Movo offers Italians easy point-to-point travel searches and bookings.

Movolo, a new travel search and booking web site, has just started its service on the Italian market.

The Movolo website has the only point-to-point search and book tool that can handle travel plans to and from exact locations. While conventional booking engines can only handle city-to-city, the Movola data engine will plot exact routes to and from your own home address or via places of interest like the Eiffel Tower or the Rockefeller Center.

Movolo allows travelers to compare every transit service available for a particular journey at a glance and purchase their tickets directly on the Movolo site.

In December last year, Italian customers already proved they liked Movolo as thousands of visitors flocked to the website and purchased travel tickets online. This is because it offers travel solutions that cannot be found anywhere else.

Movolo’s database includes both low-cost and traditional airlines, and can book a flight in a fraction of the time it takes even on the airlines own websites.

The Movolo website is advertisement-free and does not hustle customers to buy insurance, book hotels or rent cars — but you can book them if you need them.

Movolo is also the only online travel service also offering high-speed train bookings in Italy.

Lastly, all the tickets a customer needs can be booked at the one time, making it unnecessary for customers to enter the same information over and over again.

The Movolo experience will soon add more route options via ferry and bus over the coming months, and the company plans to make the service available to other countries soon.

Movolo, winner of the 2010 Arctic Startup Competition, is the only search and booking engine which makes door-to-door stops or point-of-interest travel booking a simple process across multiple places with – or without – an airport. Movolo was founded in 2007 and it is based in Latvia and in Italy.

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