Chronic Pain — 10 June 2013

Amarillo_wheelbarrel 7By Dennis Kinch

At age 20 I packed up and headed to Colorado from Boston, much in part due to the songs of John Denver. It was there that life became very positive for me. Fifteen years of growth and positivity. A new marriage and two daughters.

Then I injured my back at work.

I entered into a realm of trying to figure out what was wrong. Why was I in such pain? I felt like a pinball, being bounced back and forth through doctors, tests, possible diagnoses and surgeries.  I was thrown out of one doctor’s office after 10 months of treatment because the doctor thought I was a drug addict.

I went through five years of hell, falling victim to a health care system I had no knowledge or understanding of.  Through non-diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and a “behind the scenes” game in which I was the pawn, I saw pain take away everything I had worked 32 years to gain.

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