Kerry Smith

My Story: What Doctors Don’t Tell Us

If I said to you that you have a tool, deep down in your body and soul, that could help you get off most if not all of your narcotic pain meds, would you try it? It’s not a get…

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Fewer U.S. Teens Abusing Painkillers

The abuse of prescription painkillers by American teenagers has fallen sharply in the last year, according to a nationwide survey that also found teenage use of alcohol and cigarettes at their lowest levels since 1975. The annual survey by the…

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40 centimeters long x 30 centimeters wide

Featured Pain Art: “Tension”

This image is representative of the battle between what I want to do in my mind, and my body’s painful protest. It can feel very isolating to be caught in the middle, and unable to give in to either side….

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Arlene Grau

Miss Understood: Beyond Frustrated

Chronic pain patients are faced with challenges on a daily basis. One person’s suffering is no more important than others and everyone’s pain is different. How it affects us varies from back pain, to muscle spasms, to migraines, etc. So…

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