"Fibromyalgia Pain Body"
digitally enhanced picture
7 inches long x 5 inches wide

Featured Pain Report: “Fibromyalgia Pain Body”

Diagnosed in 2002, I drew this figure out of frustration about my fibromyalgia pain. No one can see the agony inside of me. This is my only way to show what it is like. The excruciatingly painful pressure points in…

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Pills for Breakfast: I Finally Tried Acupuncture

I promise you I went into that acupuncture appointment with an open mind. I mean, I really wanted to like the guy. And I really wanted the ancient Chinese remedy to actually be a viable form of treatment for me….

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Sally Jones

My Story: Living with Lyme Disease

I have Lyme disease, as well as Babesia and Bartonellosis, all infections transmitted via ticks.  I have been very ill for 6 years, and the pain is so unbearable and unpredictable that it doesn’t allow me to get out of…

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Mark and Dylan

Living with Pain: Pet Therapy

The central California sun beat down relentlessly on the parking lot. Most of the curious and a few buyers confined their browsing to the shade of the awning extended from the pet store out over the sidewalk. After going to…

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