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A Pained Life: Myths about Women

I was asked to write a column on how women may be treated differently than men when they complain of chronic pain. The National Pain Report is conducting a survey of women in pain and I am eager to see the results….

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Study: Aspirin Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Women who regularly take aspirin significantly reduce their risk of dying from breast cancer, according to a large new study published in the journal Cancer Research. The study is the latest to show that aspirin and some other pain relievers…

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Living with Pain: Time and Aging

I have been in pain for a half century.  Yes, for 50 years. In my early 20s I was finally diagnosed with a spinal problem, 6 years after the pain first hit me when I tried getting out of bed…

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Over 40% of Disabled Americans on Pain Meds

The number of Americans receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has risen sharply in recent years, and over 40 percent of them are taking opioid pain medication, according to a large new study reported in Medical Care, the journal of the…

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Arlene Grau

Miss Understood: Gender Bias in Healthcare

In my personal experience with pain, I found that being able to endure severe pain is somewhat expected from women. I once had a doctor tell me my pain couldn’t be as bad as the pain I felt while getting…

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