Pills for Breakfast: I Finally Tried Acupuncture

I promise you I went into that acupuncture appointment with an open mind. I mean, I really wanted to like the guy. And I really wanted the ancient Chinese remedy to actually be a viable form of treatment for me….

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Sally Jones

My Story: Living with Lyme Disease

I have Lyme disease, as well as Babesia and Bartonellosis, all infections transmitted via ticks.  I have been very ill for 6 years, and the pain is so unbearable and unpredictable that it doesn’t allow me to get out of…

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Mark and Dylan

Living with Pain: Pet Therapy

The central California sun beat down relentlessly on the parking lot. Most of the curious and a few buyers confined their browsing to the shade of the awning extended from the pet store out over the sidewalk. After going to…

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Study: Acetaminophen Doesn’t Work for Back Pain

The world’s most widely used over-the-counter pain reliever works no better than a placebo for lower back pain, according to a large study by researchers in Australia. Paracetamol – also known as acetaminophen – is the active ingredient in Tylenol, Excedrin,…

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