Technology — 19 March 2011
New app for smartphones may change how we see sport

New app for smartphones may change how we see sport.

Tony Verna, the man who invented the sports instant replay, has announced a new invention which promises to change the face of sports forever. It is Plus/Minus Yada Yada‘s first mobile app, and is called College Basketball Finals 2011.

The app has been released at both the iPhone app store and and the Android Marketplace and can be downloaded right away.

This new mobile application works as an instant sports alert and lets users customize their smartphone displays to present playoffs customized the way each individual wants them presented. A user may select any of the 68 participating teams and preselect if he (or she) wants real-time scores, odds, point spreads and other related sports information. The users then have the information appear automatically on their smartphone screens without ever having to open a link.

The College Basketball Finals 2011 app delivers scores every five minutes, and allows the more active users to check in every five seconds for score updates.

“This release of our first app is only the beginning,” stated veteran sport broadcast executive, Verna. He further stated, “When I invented instant replay it was a very different world, instant replay was the state of the art in technology back then. Today’s dominant technology platform is the smartphone and I am very pleased with the outcome of this application.

“This is very exciting and the app is so intuitive,” he explained. “But the technology that I am developing right now for our coming apps is going to push the limits even further.”

The company will be releasing Instant Sports Alert apps for Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey. The company is developing proprietary new technologies and the app will continue to evolve and get more sophisticated over time.

“Tony Verna created what we today can’t live without when he invented instant replay. What would the live sports experience be, if not for instant replay? We see Mr. Verna as a great innovator in our industry and we are sure his new application will be a huge success. We are looking into implementing it into our smartphone sports betting network here in Vegas as well,” stated Las Vegas sportsbook executive John English whose company operates over 75 sportsbooks and was the first company in America to receive approval for smartphone sports betting in Nevada.

“Our goal was to design a live in-game score and odds app for sports that will be extremely user-friendly,” said David Eisenstadt, President of the Company. “This groundbreaking app will truly service the fans with the information that they are seeking, accurately and instantly.”

The revolutionary app, which is hosted by Ninel Conde, is available for $1.99 on the iPhone and Android as well as Amazon App stores.

The app was a collaboration of a team of experts ranging from sports legends to entertainment icons. The technology was created by 31 year sports, film, and studio think tank veterans, The Illusion Factory and their co-creators at Questsphere.

For more information, go to where detailed information regarding the new app is available. “I hope to deliver to the public something fresh, new, and exciting, I feel as I did the moment I realized I had changed the way people view sporting events. I didn’t know the impact I made worldwide at that moment, but I certainly feel right now that this app and the exponential next round of innovations that I am building right now are my crowning achievement,” further stated Verna.

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