Non Profits Videos — 04 July 2012

El Ranchito De Pio Pico

The California budget is a mess. State funding is so tight that 70 state parks were scheduled to close on July 1st.

The state held off actually closing the parks for now, partly because of local outrage and partly to buy time.

The state is hoping that what happened in Whittier with the historic Pio Pico State Park can happen elsewhere around the state. A non profit, a family estate, and the city of Whittier combined to keep the park open for at least a year.

It begs the question — how does a financially strapped city come up with the money when the state can’t?

Because Whittier officials felt they had to.

California Forward Reporter Cheryl Getuzia filed this report.

California Forward is a bi-partisan non-profit organization that  promotes good government practices in the Golden State.



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