Videos World — 19 January 2011
New South Wales Police crest - NSW Police Force

New South Wales cops help to police Queensland floods. (See video below.)

A contingent of police officers from New South Wales began duties in Queensland yesterday, where they are helping police flood-affected areas in Brisbane and Ipswich.

The New South Welshmen (and women) police are just part of the 100 police officers from other Australian states and territories who have been sent to Queensland to help protect flood-damaged areas from looters.

They are already taking some of the pressure off their overworked Queensland counterparts to maintain law and order and safeguard people and property in the biggest natural disaster in Australia’s recorded history.

The police patrols will be especially on the lookout for looters.

The Queensland Police have already arrested 15 people this week. If convicted, the suspects will face jail terms of up to 10 years. There are also reports of scammers taking money under false pretences, and the police will be watching out for these kinds of tricksters as well.

The NSW police and other interstate police men and women have been paired-off so they can each work side-by-side with an experienced Queensland police officer while on patrol. The local cop will provide the local knowledge the interstate police partner will need.

Queensland police and other emergency services have been flat out now for more than a week since the record-breaking floods broke all previous flood records and caused unprecedented damage to towns and cities across the state.

The death toll from the Queensland floods is 20, with 12 people still missing.

And now the storms and flooding have already swept south across New South Wales with moderate flooding and into Victoria, where they have created the biggest flood emergency there since 1933.

The record rainfalls also cut off towns in the northeast part of Tasmania, the island-state in the Tasman Sea, south of Melbourne. But that emergency has passed.


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