Sports — 02 September 2013

By Ed Coghlan

I’ve always been a fan of Keith Olbermann’s talent– not his antics, his boorishness, or his politics — but his talent. I knew him when he was breaking in at a couple of Los Angeles TV stations.

Keith Olbermann

Keith Olbermann

He could be truculent and rude even then, but the talent was unmistakable.

And on those days when Olbermann remembers that the show is about the viewers and not himself, he’s great TV. But those days are few and, after watching his ESPN debut redux, dwindling.

Too bad. Olbermann is to broadcasting what the late Bobby Bonds was to baseball; an incandescent talent that couldn’t discipline himself. His show is dense, self-indulgent and too much about him (for a great review of Olbermann, read this piece by Tom Hoffarth, who is one of the country’s best observers of TV and radio sports).

Olbermann could learn from his old running mate at ESPN, Dan Patrick, who is just as smart, a whole lot more likeable, and never, ever, forgets his audience. And if Patrick thinks he did, like the interview on his radio show with Ethan Hawke, he acknowledges it and apologizes.

ESPN may be the worst offender, but not the only one. It always has to include Tiger Woods headlines if Tiger is competing. A Sunday morning headline that included Tiger in the headline even though he was 13 strokes off the lead (13 strokes!!) tells me that some editor somewhere said “always mention Tiger”. I wonder if that editor knows how stupid it is to do that. I wonder if he or she even thinks about it.

For those of us who suffered through the CBS Time Warner blackout, which darkened the former Tiffany network on cable systems in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and other cities, the biggest loss was  not being able to watch Ray Donovan on CBS owned Showtime — the best new show on premium cable.

There’s a good piece on a local NPR station about whether we should be expecting a rebate from Time Warner.

Yeah, I couldn’t watch the final round of the PGA, but I survived that. I always thought they’d settle the blackout before the opening of the NFL season, because let’s face it, that’s what America will really tune in to watch.

And settle it, they did.

I was raised better than to say this, but my reaction to the CBS Time Warner settlement is “screw both of you”.


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  1. I knew him when he was breaking in at a couple of Los Angeles TV stations. He could be truculent and rude even then . . . .

    LOL, but did he know you?

    Mr. Coghlan, it would not surprise me if you were a relative of John Kincade. 😉

    Tell the truth — this is really about the politics you admit to not agreeing with.