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Old man (98) charged with trying to kill wife (74)

Old man (98) charged with trying to kill wife (74).

A 98-year-old man has appeared in court in Berlin, Germany, after allegedly trying to kill his 74-year-old wife with a pistol, a baseball bat and a kitchen knife.

The sorry incident, happened back in July, when the senior citizen took a starter pistol, believing it to be a real gun, and fired it as his frau (his wife).

Once he had emptied the handgun, the old man saw she was unharmed. The gun had only fired blanks.

So the confused old codger fetched a baseball bat and whacked her on the head and upper body with it several times.

The woman lay there hurt and bleeding, but she still was not dead. So the frantic senior citizen then went to the kitchen and came back with a knife. He then tried to cut her wrists and corotid artery.

But he was stopped before he could finish her off.

Alerted by concerned neighbors, who had heard the gunshots, the police burst into his apartment and took control of the situation.

The badly-injured woman was rushed to hospital, and the man was arrested and taken away.

Yesterday he appeared in court, accused of attempted homicide and inflicting grievous bodily harm on his frau, who he had been married to for 58 years.

If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in jail for the crime.

The old gent, who is the oldest person ever to have been put on trial in Berlin, admitted the charges. However, he claimed that what he did was part of a suicide pact between him and his wife, who did not appear in court.

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