Chronic Pain — 16 May 2013

bigstock-Insomnia-A-man-tries-to-fall--27249281By Richard Lenti

A large new study has documented what many men who use opioid painkillers already know – long term use of the drugs can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED).

Researchers looked at more than 11,000 men with back pain and examined their health records to see if those who used prescription painkillers were more likely to also receive prescriptions for testosterone
replacement or ED medications such as Viagra.

They found that more than 19% of the men who took high-dose opioids for at least four months also received ED prescriptions. Fewer than 7% of the men who did not take opioids received ED prescriptions.

“Men who take opioid pain medications for an extended period of time have the highest risk of ED,” said lead author Richard A. Deyo, MD, an investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Center for  Health  Research and a professor at Oregon Health & Science University.

Read more at National Pain Report.


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