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Pharmaceutical firm donates $10,000 to Queensland flood relief

A pharmaceutical firm has donated $10,000 to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's flood relief fund.

Between late December 2010 and early January this year, much of Queensland Australia was hit by record-breaking floods. Dozens of people died and thousands of residents were affected.

On December 29, the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, launched the ‘Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal’ to help flood victims and rebuild the shattered state.

In May last year, DSM announced the signing of agreements to enter a partnership with the Queensland state government and the Commonwealth of Australia (the federal government) to design, build and operate the first major Australia-based mammalian biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility, which will be located in Brisbane. The facility is currently under construction on the campus of Princess Alexandra Hospital, 3.4 miles (5.5 kms) from the center of Brisbane.

Karen King, President of DSM Biologics commented, “We are extremely concerned about the effects of the severe flooding in Queensland and the need for support of those impacted.”

She said that DSM recognized the efforts of Queenslanders who pitched in to help their fellow citizens clean-up in the wake of the floods and help families in need, many of whom lost everything. Therefore the company was donating the $10,000 to help Queensland’s recovery efforts.

Professor Peter Gray, Director of the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, which is based in Queensland, visited DSM soon after the flooding. Prof Gray said, “The relief appeal will make a significant difference by helping many in need as Queensland battles to recover from the flooding. I am delighted to have DSM among our supporters.”

Alexander Wessels, President and CEO, DSM Pharmaceutical Products, stated, “As a responsible corporate citizen around the world, DSM is committed to the communities in which we work and live. This is our humble gesture to aid those in need through the auspices of the Premier’s appeal.”

For more information about supporting the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, visit or visit the DSM web site at .

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