World — 14 January 2011

Friday Morning News Conference:

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh gave an update at 9:30am Brisbane time (!0:30am in Sydney). Here are some of the major points she made.

Flood water levels are starting to go down in Brisbane and Ipswich.

The Brisbane CBD is now mostly operational but ten buildings are still without power.

Many parts of Brisbane have been isolated for several days already.

There has been some damage to the water treatment plant at Mount Crosby.

There is a king tide expected next Friday.

Wivenhoe dam will continue to release water to keep the its water levels safe.

More than half the power in the Lockyer Valley has been restored.

People wanting to volunteer their help should register with the proper authorities, and should know exactly what they are doing and where.

A military minesweeper has been called to come and do a survey of debris and obstacles in Moreton Bay.

There are now 600 ADF personnel working across Queensland, with more coming to Ipswich and Brisbane over the next 24 hours.

In the Lockyer Valley, more than 200 Kms of area must be searched by police and ADF personnel looking for bodies in the mud.

Dirranbandi is completely isolated, and may remain that way until February.


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