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DSCF0826Spring has sprung after a rather brutal winter – particularly in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. So, now it’s time to transform your home from the protector of ice, snow and sleet into a safe open air, fresh place to enjoy the new season.

These are the most important things not to overlook during the seasonal transformation.


Safety first!

  • Replace all smoke and fire alarm batteries.
  • Check fire extinguishers to see if they have expired.
  • Have your chimney and furnace professionally cleaned and inspected.

“Fire safety has to be the number one concern for all homeowners,” said Dennis Barnes, an industry expert and owner of Piccadilly Square Chimney Sweeps, which services Harford County, Baltimore County and other locations around Maryland.

“In general, flue inspections should be done once a year, or for every cord of wood burned. Pellet stoves should be inspected and cleaned yearly, as well. Oil furnaces should be inspected every three years. And, gas furnaces should be inspected and cleaned every seven years,” Barnes advised.

Finances second!

  • Have a garage sale. Diligently go through all of your belongings and ask yourself if you used item X in the past season or not. If not, clean it up and put it up for sale.
  • Save money by maintaining your appliances. Dust refrigerator coils, replace air filters, and have your HVAC system professionally inspected.

“Maintenance can help appliances run more efficiently, saving money on utility bills,” said Andrew Housser, CEO of Bills.com. “It also may extend the life of your appliances.”

Deep cleaning third!

  • Shampoo carpets thoroughly.
  • Dust blinds (use a vacuum attachment for simple cleaning)
  • Clean windows inside and out (contact a professional for windows that are tough to reach).
  • Wash and dry all winter clothing and store for the season.

Time to earn some extra cash and enjoy your clean, safe home for the rest of the season.



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