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Airline Mechanic Fixes Bronze Star Recipient’s Prosthetic Leg

Recently, a photo was taken of an airport mechanic fixing the prosthetic leg of a passenger. A quadruple amputee, Navy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialist Taylor Morris was travelling with his longtime girlfriend Danielle Kelly. While going [...]

Amputee Skateboarder Living Life on His Terms

“My Parents were not okay with skateboarding for a long time”, says Justin Beauchesne, who’s oldest memory is a picture of him on a skateboard at age 4. Justin wasn’t a “typical” 4 year old. You [...]

Vietnam Veteran Amputee Still Going Strong

By Cheryl Christensen Nearly 50 years ago, Phil Avillo was a 23 year-old Marine lieutenant serving in Vietnam. A gun shot wound to his left leg resulted in its amputation above his knee. Prior to the [...]

“I Got It” – A 2 Year Old Takes His First Steps with a Prosthetic

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Kayden Kinckle (and his family). After only a few moments of trial and error with a prosthetic leg and a walker, the 2 year old recently took [...]

Revolutionary Advances Give Independence to those Who Need It

Just a week before Independence Day, the ReWalkTM Personal Exoskeleton System received clearance by the FDA for home use, allowing those with spinal injuries and paralysis their own independence. Derek Herrara, a Marine Special Operations Officer, [...]

Amy Purdy Didn’t Surprise Me

By Ed Coghlan Nearly twenty years ago, I was working for a company that had a product that could be used to reduce friction. One group that was among our target markets was amputees. This product [...]

Amputees and Those That Help Them

Special to American News Report It is estimated there are nearly 2 million amputees in the United States, and it may only just seem that every one of them has a heroic story. Meet 72-year old [...]

Amputee Finds a New Lease on Life

By Cheryl Christensen As a mother of six children, you can bet Cate Dwyer’s life can get pretty hectic. “Parenting is a contact sport,” said Dwyer. The Glen Burnie, Maryland mother spends most of her time [...]

Losing a Leg Doesn’t Slow Motorcycle Racer

By Cheryl Christensen Tim Jones has a need for speed. “Right now I am an amateur-professional, but I have dreams of going all the way and racing in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Stock [...]

Stand and Deliver: Amputee Style

By Cheryl Christensen Harry Cohen of Baltimore, Maryland owns a tavern and a liquor store. That means he’s on his feet 16 to 18 hours a day. “I’m constantly up and moving,” says Cohen. Despite the [...]