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Purdue Pharma Identifies Risky California Docs

By Ed Coghlan The National Pain Report has learned that Purdue Pharma — the maker of OxyContin — has sent the names of most of the 59 doctors in California it suspects of being risky prescribers [...]

Dry California Facing Water Issues

By Ed Coghlan California Governor Jerry Brown calls water one of the four chronic issues that face California. As a reminder, he is calling July “Water Smart Month” in the Golden State. The searing heat that [...]

Study Finds Many Homes Contaminated with Fire Retardant Chemicals

They’re meant to keep you and your family safe from fires, but according to a new study, dozens of flame retardant chemicals linked to cancer could be lurking in the dust throughout your home and in [...]

Patients Seek Faster Access to Pain Meds That Work

In most of the United States, health insurance companies – not doctors – decide what pain medications should be prescribed to chronic pain sufferers. It’s a common practice that insurers use to control costs, but it [...]

Pain Doc Duped by Dog X-Rays

An undercover sheriff’s deputy pretending to be a patient duped a southern California physician into giving her a powerful pain medication by showing him X-rays of an injured back and neck. Dr. Rolando Lodevico Atiga obliged, [...]

Opioid Use by Injured California Workers Declining

The use of powerful opioid painkillers such as oxycodone by injured California workers has dropped to its lowest level since 2007, according to a new study. Researchers say the data suggests that insurers may be making [...]

New California Budget Doesn’t Include Much State Park Funding – Video News

The California budget is a mess. State funding is so tight that 70 state parks were scheduled to close on July 1st. The state held off actually closing the parks for now, partly because of local [...]

Operation Blankets of Love: Helping Homeless Animals

By Mary Krasn A puppy found deserted on a remote highway in the California desert. Her hesitant new “Mom.” In 2003, the two seemed an unlikely duo to inspire Operation Blankets of Love, a California-based nonprofit [...]

Opioid Addicts Have Highest Risk of Death

People addicted to opioid painkillers are nearly six times more likely to die than healthy individuals, according to a comprehensive new study. Opioid addicts were also found to have a higher risk of death than alcoholics [...]

Device Could Deliver Chronic Nerve Pain Relief Without Drugs

A southern California company has begun a study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the “StimRouter” neuromodulation system for sufferers of chronic peripheral nerve pain. Bioness will enroll 126 patients in up to 10 sites in [...]