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Study: Daily Use of Aspirin May Do More Harm than Good

Healthy people without a history of cardiovascular disease are unlikely to benefit from regular use of aspirin, according to a new British study. Doctors have long recommended a daily dose of the painkiller to reduce the [...]

Scientists Discover “Master Switch” to Stop Cancer Growth

British scientists have discovered a new method of targeting cancer by manipulating a “master switch” responsible for cancer cell growth. Their study, published in the Cancer Cell journal, focused on how cancer cells produce their own [...]

“Women Will Die” Avastin Advocate Blasts FDA

The Food and Drug Administration’s ruling that the blockbuster drug Avastin should no longer be used to treat breast cancer is being condemned by some patients and their families — who say “women will die” because [...]

Doctor Calls Task Force Report on PSA Testing “Foolish”

In his 30 years as a physician, Dr. Thomas Pocock has given PSA tests to thousands of men. And he’s not about to stop now, despite a recent report from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force [...]

Know your chances of falling ill – new report

A UK insurance company has compiled data garnered from various health charities that show your chances of suffering serious illness. We believe it is important to be aware of these risks so you can take steps [...]

Largest outpatient cancer center opens in North Texas

The new Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Baylor Dallas opens to the public this Saturday, March 26. The 467,000 square-foot facility marks a new era in cancer care for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and [...]

After beating leukemia, this mother strives to help others

After beating leukemia, Patient raises awareness in community about the national stem cell registry. [...]

Scientists examine plants for answers to intestinal cancer

Dutch scientists have gained important new insights into intestinal cancer by studying a plant. They are investigating a disease called Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome, which is a hereditary disorder where people develop intestinal polyps which turn into malignant [...]

Broken teeth? Prosthodontic dentistry can restore mouth function and appearance

Dr. Haroun Rostami's Expertise in Prosthodontic Dentistry Gives Patients With Traumatic Accidents and Severe Tooth Decay Normal Mouth Function and Appearance [...]

Prostate cancer: Single-dose radiation may be enough

Beaumont Hospital launches study of Single-Dose Radiation Treatment for Prostate Cancer. First-in-world treatment designed for low and intermediate risk patients. [...]