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Doctors Warn About Medical Marijuana

By Pat Anson, Editor Many adults with chronic pain use medical marijuana to relieve their symptoms, but marijuana is not a good treatment option for teens who suffer from pain, according to researchers at the Mayo [...]

Psychotherapist Says Chronic Pain Can Be Cured

By Alan Gordon, Pain Psychotherapist Over 50 million people in the US are suffering with chronic pain, but many of them don’t have to be. Recent studies have shown that often chronic back pain, neck pain, [...]

Gender Bias in Pain Treatment

By Carol Levy, Columnist The typical patient with chronic pain is a 55-year-old woman. The typical subject in a chronic pain study is an 8-week-old male mouse. That was the finding of pain researcher Jeffrey Mogil [...]

Finding the Right Pain Doctor

By Arlene Grau We’ve all heard the term “soul mate” used when describing the person we’re meant to marry or be with for the rest of our lives. We go through great lengths to confirm that [...]

Another Trip to the ER

By Amanda Siebe, Columnist Most of my life I’ve been in and out of emergency rooms. Migraines, broken bones, and infections have landed me there more times than I’d like to admit. Not to mention that [...]

Chronic Pain Patients at Higher Risk of Suicide

By Pat Anson, Editor The words are chilling, eye-opening and often a plea for help from people in pain: “My next option is suicide. I have no doubts if they don’t find an effective treatment soon [...]

Pain Patients Speak Out at California Forum

By Ed Coghlan “You can’t let the pain win!” That’s what a young woman in her late 20’s battling pain from a number of auto- immune diseases told a community forum in Pasadena, California. Arlene Grau, [...]

Chronic Pain is Manageable

By Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD I’ve been a family doctor for 30 years. Fifteen years ago, I started on a quest to understand how one of my fibromyalgia patients was getting better without pills. Fibromyalgia is [...]

Chronic Pain’s Link to Stress

By Pat Anson, Editor Chronic pain that persists after a traumatic event may be caused more by stress and other psychological factors rather than a lingering injury, according to a new study. Researchers at the University [...]

Do Nutraceuticals Help Chronic Pain Sufferers?

By: Ed Coghlan Nutraceuticals are formulated nutritional supplements and herbal products that provide medical or health benefits.  They are used by many people in pain, and there is a good reason why.  They work. Nutraceuticals have [...]