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My Story: A Coalition for People in Pain

By Fred Brown I have been a chronic pain patient  with neck pain, nerve root compression and cervical degeneration for over 18 years.  Unfortunately, each year my pain has gotten worse.  During this time I have [...]

Opinion: Pain Patients Need DEA Reform

By George Sullivan, Guest Columnist There’s a crisis building in the United States today that is little known, yet may affect every American at some point in their life. It can strike at any moment, without [...]

A Pained Life: Pain Patients Need to Speak Out

By Carol Levy, Columnist I have trigeminal neuralgia.  It’s a facial pain disorder, arising from the 5th cranial nerve.  It causes intense pain, sometimes triggered by the slightest touch; the kiss of a light breeze or [...]

‘Crystal Ball’ Could Measure Pain

By Pat Anson, Editor How to measure a patient’s pain has always posed a problem for doctors, because pain is so subjective. No one really knows how much pain a patient is in – except the [...]

Chronic Pain Ranked Low as Health Problem

By Pat Anson, Editor Pain may be the number one reason people see their doctors, but according to a national opinion poll, only 18 percent of Americans believe chronic pain is a major health problem. Cancer, [...]

Stroke Can Raise Risk of Chronic Pain

By Richard Lenti Patients who suffer a stroke from a blood clot have a higher risk of developing chronic pain, according to a new study published in the American Heart Association journal Stroke. In the largest [...]

One Woman’s 30 Year Struggle with Chronic Pain

By Ed Coghlan If the Institute of Medicine is right, there are 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain. Many of them, the IOM says, are undertreated. Cynthia Toussaint of Los Angeles is one of [...]

Online Cyberhugs Help Chronic Pain Sufferers

By Elizabeth Magill Online chat rooms provide a welcome venue for chronic pain sufferers to talk about their pain and receive encouragement from others who understand what they’re going through, according to a new study published [...]

Pain Training Pays Off for Physicians

By Pat Anson, Editor Chronic pain patients who are treated by primary care providers will experience significant improvement in their symptoms if their physicians are trained in pain management, according to a new study published in [...]

Anesthetic Used During Surgery Effects Chronic Pain

By Richard Lenti The type of anesthetic a woman receives during a mastectomy may increase her chances of suffering long term chronic pain according to a new study published in the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia. Researchers [...]