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Fibromyalgia Patients: Take Our Survey

By Ed Coghlan The National Pain Foundation (NPF) has announced it is conducting an online survey asking fibromyalgia patients about the quality of their treatment and whether the drugs they’ve taken are effective. The survey will [...]

Fibro Patients Taking Drug ‘Off-Label’

By Pat Anson, Editor Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the many problems faced by people with fibromyalgia. They may be fatigued and worn out from dealing with chronic pain – but many find [...]

MRI’s Could ‘Personalize’ Pain Care

By Pat Anson, Editor Brain imaging could someday be used to help develop new pain medicines and to personalize the treatment of chronic pain patients, according to a small study at the University of Michigan. MRI [...]

Fibromyalgia Disrupts Brain Signals

By Pat Anson, Editor A disruption in brain signals may contribute to increased pain sensitivity in fibromyalgia patients, according to new research. A small study published in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism suggests that this altered [...]

Fibromyalgia Hurts Love Life

By Pat Anson, Editor Forget the roses and the bottle of wine. When it comes to romance, fibromyalgia is a buzz killer. A new survey of fibromyalgia patients has found that well over half believe that [...]

Study Supports Accuracy of Fibro Blood Test

By Pat Anson, Editor New research results have upheld the validity of a blood test that can diagnose fibromyalgia, according to the chief executive of a Santa Monica-based company that began offering the test earlier this [...]

Young People Have Worse Fibromyalgia

By Pat Anson, Editor Young and middle-aged fibromyalgia patients report worse symptoms and a poorer quality of life than older patients, according to a new Mayo Clinic studythat suggests the disorder plays out differently among different [...]

Fibromyalgia Patients Have Nerve Damage

By Pat Anson, Editor Nearly half of the fibromyalgia patients in a small study were found to have damaged nerve fibers in their skin, according to researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital. The findings, published in the [...]

Doctor Says Fibromyalgia Blood Test 99% Accurate

By Pat Anson, Editor A new blood test for fibromyalgia is more accurate than previously thought and will not confuse the chronic pain disorder with other diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, according to the [...]

Blood Test Could Diagnose Fibromyalgia

By Pat Anson, Editor One of the many frustrating things about fibromyalgia is getting it properly diagnosed. According to the American College of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia patients spend an average of three to five years before being [...]