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Opinion: Pain Patients Need DEA Reform

By George Sullivan, Guest Columnist There’s a crisis building in the United States today that is little known, yet may affect every American at some point in their life. It can strike at any moment, without [...]

Living with Pain: Is the War on Pain Patients a Human Rights Violation?

When we read about human rights violations, we usually think of Russia, China or third world countries. We rarely think of the United States. Yet here in the U.S. we are involved in a war on [...]

Pain Patients Protest in Florida

In a first of its kind protest, about two dozen chronic pain patients rallied Wednesday outside the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee, calling on federal and state regulators to require pharmacists to fill legitimate prescriptions for [...]

Living with Pain: Patients Fight Back in Florida

Pain patients in Florida are taking their well-being into their own hands by fighting back against the state and federal governments, which are obstructing and, in some cases, denying opioid treatment for chronic pain. In the [...]

Caught in the Crossfire: Florida’s Seniors

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Florida is 19,057,542. Of that number, a whopping 17.6% are 65 or older. That is a staggering number of seniors, many of whom have health problems and [...]

Caught in the Crossfire: You Don’t Look Sick

Jeanne Hyatt is 56-years old and lives in Florida. On the outside, she looks like any other normal, healthy person. She could be your aunt, your next door neighbor or one of the ladies in the [...]

Caught in the Crossfire: Untold Stories of the War on Drugs

I am a chronic pain patient. As a child, never in my wildest dreams did I envision life leading me down this path. I had other plans; things I was going to do that would make [...]

New Regulations for Drug Labs, But Drug Testing of State Workers Blocked in Florida

Florida’s controversial crackdown on prescription drug abuse took a small step forward – and one giant step backward in recent days. On Friday, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the Health Care Facilities Bill, which tightens [...]

Date set for Florida’s Treasure Coast Music Festival 2011

Under the Sun Promotions, Inc. gas announced the date for this year’s Treasure Coast Music Festival in Florida. It is a three day multi-stage outdoors event which features a wide variety of music styles. Musicians and [...]

Ten top US summer vacation rental escapes from TripAdvisor

From Beachfront Villas to Cozy Cabins, Outstanding Rental Homes Still Available Around the Country for Summer Stays. [...]