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Great Fundraising: More Than Good Luck

By Lori Woehrle How and under what circumstances is truly great fundraising able to flourish? Fundraising expert Alan Clayton and his team researched this question and came up with some surprising answers. The research, conducted as [...]

5 Tips to Evolve Your Crowdfunding Strategy

Your crowdfunding campaign can be a gold mine, and not for the reason you think. Fundraising is your chief aim…but is it your only one? Don’t let it be! Nonprofits that have evolved their crowdfunding campaigns [...]

Philanthropy: Make Your Mother Proud

By:  Tiffany Neill, Co-Chair and Pam Larmee, Co-Chair No matter how old we get, or what status we achieve in life, we always want to make our mothers proud. Recently, we had the opportunity to meet [...]

5 Tips to Find the Right Direct Marketing & Fundraising Conference for You

As we long for warmer, sunnier spring days, Direct Marketing and Fundraising conference season is in full swing. And just as spring blossoms renew our souls, conference season reinvigorates those of us who toil in the [...]

Charity Without Fundraising Is Just Good Intentions

By: Allison Porter, Jackie Biancolli, and Danielle Hart This concept is the key to the successful philosophy of Steve Nardizzi, Executive Director of the Wounded Warrior Project. We had the great pleasure of speaking with Steve [...]

Education Opportunities for Non-Profit Executives

By Tiffany Neill “I don’t have time to sit in a conference for three days.” This is a common refrain from Executive Directors, CEOs, Board Chairs, Chief Development Officers and other non-profit leaders when asked why [...]

Knowing Your Audience: Marketing to Four Generations

By Donna Tschiffely Lester Wunderman defined the term “direct marketing” in 1967 and probably never imagined how direct response marketing would evolve. Through direct mail, the industry became the major revenue producer for the U.S. Postal Service. [...]

Bridge Conference: Insight for Direct Marketers and Fundraisers

By Allison Porter and Nadine Gabai-Botero The next big idea to help take non-profit fundraising programs to the next level is the 9th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference (July 9-14) in Washington, DC [...]

Maximize Your Brand with Conference Participation

By Greg Albright, Production Solutions Production Solutions hosted its very first exhibit booth in its 27-year history at the Direct Marketing Association of Washington’s  Bridge Conference, held August 1-2. Our main goal for this sold out [...]

A Fundraising Challenge: Marketing the Galapagos Conservency

By Allison Porter, President, Avalon Consulting Group I recently met with Johannah Barry, President of the Galapagos Conservancy, to talk about her upcoming presentation at the 8th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference. Johannah [...]