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Tip For Marketing Pros: Prepare for Everything!

The pressure on today’s marketing leaders is relentless. The job of finding, keeping and growing business has never been more difficult. So when marketing leaders descend upon Washington, D.C. in August for the 7th Annual Bridge [...]

Want to Raise Money? Your Story Matters

When you talk with Katya Andresen about the future of philanthropy in the United States, you come away feeling pretty hopeful. Andresen, who is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer for Network for Good, thinks [...]

Philanthropy is not fundraising – it’s a way of life

When fundraisers get together, they like to compare notes. The long recession has created turbulence in the day-to-day operations of nonprofit organizations, which are feeling more pressure than ever to improve their fundraising efforts. So when [...]

Donating to Nonprofits: Fundraising Pros to Learn New Marketing Practices at Bridge Conference

One thing that marketing, fundraising and nonprofit professionals have in common is a need to improve their effectiveness with customers and donors. That’s one reason why thousands of direct, digital and commercial marketers will be attending [...]